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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Kung Fu martial art: The story of its origin in a nutshell

 Red Theatre Beijing
The origin of Kung Fu has a legendary back-story to it. It is a legendary story and is apocryphal with no evidential proof as to its accuracy. Its date can be fairly traced back to 4000 years though again one cannot vouch for the preciseness. The legend goes that the art of Kung Fu originated during the rule of the Yellow Emperor. He was a far-sighted man with major leadership qualities. He was also a highly erudite person and had read a lot about Chinese art, warfare, astrology and science. His knowledge and experience led to the birth of a martial art called Jiao Di. This art is the root of Kung Fu and if the story is to be believed than this is also the true origin of the martial art. Over the years, these martial arts have developed and prospered. A Warrior Show at the Red Theater in Beijing can give you a vignette of the beauty and philosophy of this art in a brilliant and engaging way.

It may seem astounding to find that Kung Fu originated such a long time back. But now after so many centuries, it has evolved into something more. It is not just practiced for self-defense but is also exhibited in recreation shows and entertaining films. In this context, it would be vital to say that Kung Fu strategies found a powerful role in Chinese warfare. It was deployed in several strategies in the war fronts and is now practiced by thousands both within and outside China.

For this reason, a Warrior Show at the Red Theater in Beijing becomes a must-watch for any tourist on a city trip. 
Legend of Kungfu


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